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Shinro Otake

The official catalogue of Shinro Ohtake’s exhibition held at Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art, Kagawa, 2013.
The exhibition, “Shinro Ohtake: NEWNEW,” was on view from July 13 to November 4, 2013, as one of the artist’s three exhibitions held almost simultaneously in the Setouchi area. The other two were “Shinro Ohtake: Okusoku – Velocity of Memory” at Takamatsu City Museum of Art and “Mecon” in Setouchi Triennale 2013.
As the title suggests, “NEWNEW” consisted of only new, recent and never-exhibited works by the artist, deliberately placed throughout the museum to make the most of its unique locational environment and architectural structure.

The exhibited works included installations such as “MON CHERI: A Self-Portrait as a Scrapped Shed,” his contribution to Documenta 13, in addition to large-scale sculptures, collages, oil paintings, oversize drawings and small Gouache paintings on paper.
The catalogue consists of separate sheets, leaflets and a DVD, tied together with a paper faster that is also detachable.

Sorted according to their techniques or where they were exhibited, the works are reproduced either in the books or on the sheets.

The DVD contains a video documentation of the exhibition from a visitor’s perspective, beginning from a front view of the museum to the deep end of its exhibition rooms.
Larger than A3 in size, each of the eight sheets documents a different large-scale installation by the artist. With the front side covered by a full-bleed photo showing a whole picture of the work, they could be hung on a wall as a poster, while the back side shows details of the work and informs of other related works along with their captions. The three leaflets are formatted in different sizes; two feature image-based works (oil paintings / collages and drawings) and the other contains texts and reference data.
color / 2 pages
sheet 1:”Time Memory / Cloud”
sheet 2:”Time Memory / Zone”
sheet 3:”Uwajima Station”
sheet 4:”Time Memory / BIBAI”
sheet 5:”YAKIOKU”
sheet 6:”MON CHERI: A Self-Portrait as a Scrapped Shed”
sheet 7:”MON CHERI: A Self-Portrait as a Scrapped Shed”[details]
sheet 8:Installation view, information of the exhibition, etc.
C_book 1:Collages and drawings
B5 / color / 48 pages
D_book 2:Oil paintings
A5+ / color / 32 pages
E_book 3:Texts, biography, bibliography
contributors: Shinro Ohtake, Koichi Nakata
A5 / black and white / 32 pages
F_DVD:Installation view
DVD-Video / ALL Region / MPEG-2/NTSC / COLOR / STEREO / main part: 26min., additional parts: 20min.
G_paper faster
All the pre-bound items can be unbound by detaching the fastener.
Supervised by: Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art / The MIMOCA Foundation
Editor: Koichi Nakata
Texts: Shinro Ohtake, Koichi Nakata
Translation: Alfred Birnbaum
Photo (Installation view): Masahito Yamamoto
Design: Edition Nord; Shin Akiyama, Wataru Kobara, Takashi Honda, Genki Abe
Printing and binding: SunM Color Co., Ltd.
First edition: 1 September, 2014
External dimensions: 297 x c.235mm
otk 003 / first edition: 2000 copies
Published by: Edition Nord
ISBN978-4-9906656-6-1 C3071
© 2013 Shinro Ohtake 
© 2013 The authors for their texts
All rights reserved.
Printed and bound in Japan

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  • External dimensions
    297 x c.235mm
    first edition
    2000 copies

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