nrd 005

Shinro Ohtake
"dOCMENTA (13) Materials: 01-10"

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“Documenta” is one of the most remarkable international contemporary art fair in the world, held once every 5 years in Kassel, Germany. In 2012 “dOCMENTA (13)” marked the 13th anniversary, directed by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, in which Shinro Ohtake were the only artist participated from Japan.
“dOCMENTA (13) Materials: 01-10″ by Shinro Ohtake is a series of extensive and concrete materials on his approach for “dOCMENTA (13)”, taken and collected from nearly a year before the fair until he completed his work on site.
The series is composed of the boxed edition [nrd 005-a] which contains laser-printed papers of his concept notes, sketches, drawings, maps, plats, models, jpgs of snapshots taken for an imagery source, a series of unpublished paintings that he painted at once inspired from Kassel’s forest and collages made as materials for his installation, the CD edition [nrd 005-b] consisted of sounds made for his installation’s BGM, the book edition [nrd 005-c] of over 400 pages containing all the pages of the huge book “Scrapbook #67″ that occupied a central position at his exhibition, and the documents edition [nrd 005-d] which contains photographs and videos of his actual completed work. Furthermore, we also have the special edition [nrd 005-s] limited to small circulation, containing in addition to all the editions above, his handmade collages and objects of wood pieces obtained on site in Kassel, covered by his hand-dyed cloth.
All editions except “nrd 005-d” are printed, bound and assembled by hand work in small lots. All editions except “nrd 005-s” are not limited but won’t be reprinted soon, so don’t miss out.
Please see below for more details.
>> nrd 005-a_dOCUMENTA(13) Materials: 01-07
>> nrd 005-b_dOCUMENTA(13) Materials: 08_#67/2
>> nrd 005-c_dOCUMENTA(13) Materials: 09_Scrapbook #67 / Uwajima version
>> nrd 005-d_dOCUMENTA(13) Materials: 10_Mon Cheri – A Self-Portrait as a Scrapped Shed
>> nrd 005-s_dOCUMENTA(13) Materials: 01-10_Special edition