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Among the major series by Risaku Suzuki, “White” and “SAKURA” have been often presented together as a pair.

For example, in his photo book “Yuki – Sakura” (Nazraeli Press, 2008), as the title suggests (“yuki” means snow), the two series are clearly counterposed to each other. Also, in the exhibition “Kumano, Yuki, Sakura” (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, 2007), as well as in its catalogue, the two series are presented as a sort of continuation, crossfading into each other.

Through their continuous development over the years, both series have been taking their own respective route of evolution, reflecting the peculiarity of each motif. What is common between them, however, is white as a dominant color in the imagery – white toward pale blue gray for “White” and that toward pale pink in “SAKURA.”

The two books, “White” and “Sakura,” published by edition.nord, are also meant to form a pair with each other, with their identical specifications such as the same binding method, size, paper, illustration and page number. What is different, however, is that while the color of the cover of “White” is dazzling, bleached white, that of “SAKURA” is extremely pale pink.

–[Two volume set]

Specs of “White”

Specs of “SAKURA”

*If you already have one or both of them, you would just pay the difference.

– [Original print]

You choose A or B / signed and numbered / accompanied by a certificate

A: “16, 4-86” from the series “White”; photographed in 2012; ed. 15

B: “12, H-507” from the series “SAKURA”; photographed in 2016, ed. 15

Print size: 203 x 254 mm

Technique: lambda print

Year of printing: 2017

– [Case]

Case + print holder: made with plexiglass

Case outer size: 283 x 389 x 32 mm

Edition limited to 30

Price: 80,000 yen + tax

To be published late September 2017

Design by Shin Akiyama

Plexiglass fabrication by Esuky Pla

Assembling by Chiku Chiku Laboratory

Made in Japan