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The making of “The Pale Fox” by Camille Henrot

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, 2019

Photo record by Go Itami

The stoe site is here



Kobe Design University

[Art & Design Special Lecture]
Shin Akiyama
“the value of distance designing from a remote place”
17th July 2019, 15:00-

[Special Workshop]
Shin Akiyama + Nicole Schmid
“typography as book, book as space”

Akiyama will give a special lecture and a special workshop at Kobe Design University.
In the lecture, He will introduce the activities after emigration to rural towns in Niigata retrospectively
and will consider the locality in graphic design.
The workshop will be conducted in collaboration with Nicole Schmid.
In the workshop, students will analytically consider the relationship between contents ↔ text ↔ typography ↔ book ↔ space
and it will lead to making works.

For more information: special lecture and workshop


TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR is about to start. This time, we will introduce the stc 001 “3444″ by Masanao Hirayama (HIMAA). secure web browser . This impressive book is his first work under the name of his real name. We also offer some fun goods such as very thick notebooks having the same shape as “3444″ and T-shirts. Please come see us.


Our stc 002 by Misaki Kawai appeared in the May issue of Bijutsu Techo. Also nrd 004 by Tadashi Kawamata and stc 002 appeared in IDEA No.347.


We will participate in TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR again this year. This time, we will introduce the new book by HIMAA of over 550 pages as “stuccke001″. We also offer some fun goods. Please come see us.


The edition nord Fair at NADiff AICHI has been extended until April 19th!


From today, our “Pencil Exercise” by Misaki Kawai goes on sale at FUMETTO, the comic festival in Luzern, Switzerland.



The edition nord Fair was featured on the official report site of BOOKMARK NAGOYA 2011 with pictures. Please visit the website at http://www.bookmark-ngy.com.


Today, the temporary specialty store named OUT opened at space_inframince in Awaza, Osaka.
All titles of edition nord are sold. Please come see us.


Today, the edition nord Fair started at NADiff AICHI which is attached to the Aichi Arts Center in Sakae, Nagoya, as a project for the event named BOOKMARK NAGOYA 2011, in which more than 50 bookstores, cafes and galleries in the City participate. All titles of edition nord are sold and Buku Akiyama, the auther of nrd 002 “Composition No.2 ‘an exceptional state’”, set its display, where the equipments in a warehouse of NADiff AICHI and books of edition nord mixed interestingly with each other. Please come see us.


Our nrd 004 “Field Sketch” by Tadashi Kawamata and stc 002 “Pencil Exercise” by Misaki Kawai will go on sale at the temporary specialty store named “BY PANTALOON” in Nakatsu, Osaka. The store will open during the contemporary jewelry exhibition titled “SCHMUCK 2″ at PANTALOON, the exhibit space.


Today, we start selling our nrd 004 “Field Sketch” by Tadashi Kawamata to the public. In commemoration of the publication, the exhibition “Tadashi Kawamata: Field Sketch” will be held at NADiff A/P/A/R/T in Ebisu, Tokyo. The original prints will go on display at NADiff GALLERY in the basement, while 150 of our “Field Sketch” which come in all different covers will be piled up in the exhibit space at the back of the first floor. Please choose the cover you like to buy one. Also a talk show is scheduled on February 20th. Please come and join us.
Our new publication, stc 002 “Pencil Exercise” by Misaki Kawai has been completed as the first book of the new series named “stüccke” focusing on drawing. At the same time, the exhibition of the same name starts tomorrow at TAKE NINAGAWA in Azabu, Tokyo. The wall will be covered by the drawings used in the book, which is a massive volume of 1000 pages featuring 500 works, 55mm thick and easily opens by special binding named “EN Binding” (Utility Model Applied For). Please take the book in your hand at the site to see its volume and ease of wide opening.
Our stc 001 HIMAA collection book is scheduled for completion in this autumn. We are sure that you have something to look forward to!


We will participate in Zine’s Mate 2010: THE TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2010 starting from July 30th under the name of edition nord / schtucco. We will introduce the 3 volumes of our nrd 004 “Field Sketch” by Tadashi Kawamata and start to accept orders for them. Though they are scheduled to go on sale officially in Japan in January 2011, we accept orders at a special discount price at the fair to deliver them earlier in time for the overseas release in September. We also offer some special benefits, such as posters. Please come see us.


Thank you for all who came to the Zine’s mate. We are glad that we had chance to introduce our books to many people face to face. Now the projects for new books from nrd 004 on are in progress. We know it’s worth waiting!


Our nrd001 and nrd002 have started to be sold at NADiff and gallery 5!


Our new publication, nrd002 “Composition No.2 ‘an exceptional state’: with equipments owned by hiromiyoshii” by Buku Akiyama has been completed!


Our new publication, nrd001 “Fellow Travelers” by Christian Holstad has been completed!


“edition nord” is a publishing label started in 2008 by the design firm “schtucco”.
We hope to introduce our fascinating books in the near future!